About Me

ASP Games is a small UK based company and together with my development team we produce these games. My name is Chris Bryant and I have been writing games since the mid eighties. I began with modern and ancients after a friend introduced me to Traveler and the WRG 1950 – 1985 set. Of the early sets only the RPG exists. So, most of these games have been in development for over a decade. They have users from all over the world. It has been the advent of the www that the games have entered the public arena. Initially only the sci-fi rpg ‘Alienstar’ was going to be the focus of the website, and it was this game that gave the first site its name http://www.alienstar.com back in 1997. Since then, of course, the popularity of the site encouraged me to make available my other games. This has caused me to re-badge the site and company as ASP Games. As for me, I went to Bath University and I hold a degree  in Electrical Engineering. I was in a metal band for many years until I married, highly Aspergic and I am a professional photographer and graphic designer.

All our games are educationally based battle simulations that use unique, revolutionary and cutting edge game mechanics. Change the way you game forever with ASP Games. All of our games are available for a FREE download. No catch, just FREE full games expertly written and designed. Download for FREE and change your gaming. You NEVER have to buy again.


Copyright ASP Games 1996 – 2010. Although our publications are without charge they are NOT in the public domain. ASP Games own the copyright and intellectual property rights of all material on the website and downloaded from it. It is the exclusive property and rights of ASP Games and is wholly owned by Chris Bryant. Available in pdf format, our products are protected by national and international copyright and intellectual property rights laws. You may distribute our products in a number of ways including posting them to websites, Cds or DVDs. You may not sell, re-sell our products for any reward whatsoever in any shape or form or modify, re-compile, de-compile the publications or pdfs or reproduce them in any other format. We will take immediate legal action to protect our rights and will prosecute to the maximum extent possible in any legal or civil court. PLEASE respect our rights so we can continue to bring you more high quality games. Your respect in these matters is much appreciated. By downloading our products you agree with the licence agreement.

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