October 20, 2021

AlienStarGames is a small part-time company that produce rule systems to re-create the battles of the past, present and future using a table top, miniature figures, models and dice. War should be only “fought” on the table-top and most of our games have been in constant development for over of twenty years. The science fiction role play is still in development for over thirty years after the first draft was made. We believe in research and quality and passionately believe in education and learning.  Best of all, the games are all FREE.

War is an abomination. It is not a necessary evil, it is just evil. War is the lowest act of humanity. For centuries it has resulted in the death, suffering and misery for millions. The financial, physical and emotional scars often carry on years after the conflict has ceased. We can’t undo the terrible past and horror that war has wrought, but we can learn from it.


We work full time, have families etc, so the amount of time we can devote to running and developing ASG is, sadly, rather limited.

Taking a short break from our overly busy professional lives we are currently working on a raft of updates and these will be posted soon.

The crew have had a rare get together and have organised some quality ASG time over the Winter period – expect some updates and replies to messages that are sadly a few years old. As we are all key workers we have actually been more busy during the pandemic than ever before. In fact, Covid has inspired us to begin work on a solitaire system. We feel Covid is going to hang around for a while.

The WW2 rules have been updated and revised. The rules are more clear, play faster and free. Download the 2022 version HERE.

The WW3 rules have received another cluster bomb of updates (18-12-2021), just a few typos and rule clarifications and inclusion of rules for ERA and APS. Download HERE. Current version is 181222.

CORE SYSTEM 4 Our in-depth and detailed Historical rules with fantasy extensions. Command Alexander’s Phalanx, Rome’s Legions or Sauron’s Orcs in this game that will test your tactical thinking to the limit. Available in January 2022.

FIREPOWER the WW1 and WW2 naval rules have received an updated.

WW3 The Modern rules have been updated The logic flow has been improved, typos eradicated, some clarifications and some bugs napalmed. There will be a minor update later in the year.

PHALANX the Ancient period rules have been updated: A long overdue update that refines the playing experience, increases speed and efficiency. There will be a minor update later in the year. The army list is the next project.

Gaming that is ethical and educative.


These games primarily have been developed from a purely educational and academic point-of-view. The purpose is to provide educators, historians and hobbyists the ability to accurately re-create the ancient battles which have shaped Human history. We are here because of those conflicts. The games in no way extol violence or exalt one race above another, but provide a framework of understanding and learning about conflict, the experience of conflict and the peoples involved with them. It is our hope that, apart from enjoying the gaming experience, you learn about the terrible destruction that is war and the diversity that is Human nature, culture, political environment and motive.

There is some light hearted tongue-in-cheek humour and claims. Humour is a wonderful tonic and its use is not meant to detract from the awful experience that is war.

PHALANX NEW: The 2021 version 3 is now available. Please click here to download.

FIREPOWER NEW: The naval gaming set for the period 1900 to 1945 is now available for download. Read all about it on the Firepower page. Download here. Updated 2021 verision.

WW3 NEW: It’s not quite the end of the world, fast play, realistic and in-depth MODERN wargaming. Many exciting game mechanics that make the WW3 rules a joy to play. Download HERE. The current version 181222.

WW2 NEW: The rules have been, at long last, updated and revised. Whether you are Hitler or Hirohito lead your troops into conflict all harmlessly on the table top. Tea and biscuits not included. Download here.

ALIENSTAR: A fast play, brilliant science-fiction role-play game. This is where it all began, all those years ago when the internet was in its infancy. Download here.

ON THE GO: After the Phalanx army lists it will be an update of Into Glory Ride (1500 to 1899). After that we would like to get back to AlienStar, the Sci-Fi RPG. That ‘s where it all began. Also on the drawing board is the Modern naval rules and some extentions for Core System 4.


We just wanted to say it again, all our games are FREE and print un-restricted. Please see licence agreement below. Why pay for top quality table top games. If you want to, well, that’s up to you. No, our games aren’t cheap and nasty, they are top quality with many innovative features and researched at academic level.


All our games are educationally based battle simulations that use unique, revolutionary and cutting edge game mechanics. Change the way you game forever with AlienStarGames. All of our games are available for a FREE download. No catch, just FREE full games expertly written and designed. Download for FREE and change your gaming. You NEVER have to buy again.


No it doesn’t but we do. If you would like to contribute please email us at office@alienstargames.com We are particularly after top quality artwork and photography. Please feel free to contribute rule mods, typo spotting, gaming experience, an army list or two. Anything you feel you would like to do. We can’t offer any form of renumeration, but will credit your work, respect your copyright and will be happy to link to your personal site. Neither do you have to sacrifice your life and limbs in the process.


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