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AlienStarGames is a small part-time not-for-profit “company” that produce rule systems to re-create the battles of the past, present and future using a table top, miniature figures, models, dice, you and your imagination. 

We provide our rules systems FREE of charge, just because we love writing and developing them. Some are twenty years old.

THE WAR ROOM: November 2022

MBT 2020: These new rules are an entirely new concept in modern gaming. Featuring a radical departure from the more traditional games systems. This new set does not use dice to adjudicate combat. Extremely tactical, flexible and fast flowing this set is easy to learn and ideal for the time limited modern life style. Don’t take our word for it, click HERE to download. As this is a hot-off-the-press Beta 2 version and set testing has been limited, therefore, we would value your comments, thoughts, ideas or whatever you feel like. Email us at

MBT 1945: We have begun type-setting the WW2 edition of the above and should be available for download during December.

Heroes & Horror: On the drawing board and being drafted are a rules supplement for Core System 4. These rule additions will focus of the great beasts of the works of fantasy, legend and myth.

… and finally. During the Winter holibobs we plan to include some graphics, photographs and add a splash of colour.


The rule are available as a printable colour PDF file. ASG is so named because the first set of rules that were written was a quick-play Sci-Fi RPG surprisingly called AlienStar. Itself inspired by an independent Traveller magazine of the same name that was published by two university students in the early 1980’s.

PHALANX: The 2021 version 3 is now available. PHALANX is a fast play army level game for the ancient period, from antiquity to 1500. Please click HERE.

FIREPOWER: The naval gaming set for the period 1900 to 1945 is now available for download. Read all about it on the Firepower page. Download HERE.

WW3: It’s not quite the end of the world, fast play, realistic and in-depth MODERN wargaming. Many exciting game mechanics that make the WW3 rules a joy to play. Download HERE.

WW2: The rules have been, at long last, updated and revised. Whether you are Hitler or Hirohito lead your troops into conflict all harmlessly on the table top. Tea and biscuits not included. Download HERE.

Into Glory Ride: A rule system that covers the firearm period of 1500 to 1899. From handgunnes, the 30 years’ war, the English Civil War, warfare in the age of reason, the game of Kings, the revolutionary wars, American Civil War, Franco- Prussian war, the Crimea, Zulu wars and Omdurman. It’s all here. Download NOW.

Core System 4: An in-depth ancient rule system with extensions for the fantasy player. Don’t panic! There is no all-powerful magic and certainly no super-beings. After reading the epic and classic works of fantasy we concluded that most of the fantasy races fit in quite well to a near Human equivalent. The rules are designed not only to reflect ancient battle as accurately as possible, but also to test your command and tactical thinking skils. Download HERE.

ALIENSTAR: A fast play, brilliant science-fiction role-play game. This is where it all began, all those years ago when the internet was in its infancy. Currently being prepared for publishing.

HISTORICON: A traditional fast play system with the use of loads of dice. A shoutback to the good old days. Download HERE..

ON THE GO: After some recent rather extensive updates, we’ll probably work of some armylists before returning to AlienStar, the quick-play Sci-Fi RPG. That’s where it all began, all those years ago. Then wie will finish updating Historicon. Also on the drawing board are the Modern naval rules and some Fantasy extentions for Core System 4.


No it doesn’t but we do. If you would like to contribute please email us at We are particularly after top quality artwork and photography. Please feel free to contribute rule mods, typo spotting, gaming experience, an army list or two. Anything you feel you would like to do. We can’t offer any form of renumeration, but will credit your work, respect your copyright and will be happy to link to your personal site. Neither do you have to sacrifice your life and limbs in the process.


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