As of January 2023 we have re-branded ourselves. Please go to

Welcome to my website. For over twenty years I have enjoyed researching, developing and writing tabletop games designed to be played with miniatures that re-create ancient and modern battle.

I provide my rule systems and games FREE of charge. All you need are my rules, miniature figures, models, dice, you, your friends and your imagination.


Formerly AlienStar Games, I decided to re-brand in late 2022. The rules are developed with a small group of play-testers, researchers and developers, we are a small part-time not-for-profit company. 

Heroes & Horror: On the drawing board and being drafted are a rules supplement for Core System 4. These rule additions will focus on the great beasts of the works of fantasy, legend and myth.

MBT1945 and MBT2020 A forthcoming small update for both that deals with field engineering, logistics and for MBT1945 heavy bombers.

Hopefully, I will add a comment section within the next few months, together with a voluntary donation and Patreon link.

During the year we will be updating the look and style of the rules to fit in with our new branding. As such, some of the games have been removed from the site until the update is complete.


The rules are available as a professionally designed colour PDF file that you can print. The sets we have for immediate download are…

MBT2020: It’s not quite the end of the world, fast play, realistic and in-depth MODERN gaming. Many exciting and brand-new game mechanics that make the MBT2020 rules a joy to play. Engage the opponent anywhere in the world from the deep jungle to the frozen Baltic, play at night, in severe weather conditions and all from the comfort of your own home. Please download HERE.

MBT1945: Based on the same advanced mechanics as the above, with MBT1945 you can re-create the pivotal clashes of armour or the decisive engagements of WW2. Whether you are Hitler or Hirohito lead your troops harmlessly on the table top. Re-create engagements on the beaches, on the landing grounds, in the fields and in the streets. Afternoon tea and biscuits not included. Download Heer.

PHALANX 2: The spanking brand new 2023 version is available after months of development and testing. PHALANX II is a fast play army level game for the ancient historical period, from antiquity to 1500-ish. Featurning many unique and innovative game mechanics that will have you charging into that pike phalanx time after time. Please download HERE.

In the process of being re-designed are…

FIREPOWER: Is the naval gaming set for the period 1900 to 1945. Play with big guns and cordite and experience the firepower of a full broadside. It’s all here, Battleships, aircraft, submarines. Admiral, lead your High Seas fleet to glory without the carnage. The only thing that will get hurt is your pride.

Into Glory Ride: A rule system unashamedly based on Phalanx II that covers the firearm period of 1500 to 1899. From handgunnes, the 30 years’ war, the English Civil War, warfare in the age of reason, the game of Kings, the revolutionary wars, American Civil War, Franco-Prussian war, the Crimea, Zulu wars and Omdurman. It’s all here.

Core System 4: An in-depth ancient rule system with extensions for the fantasy player. Don’t panic! There is no all-powerful magic and certainly no super-beings that slay all before them. After reading the epic and classic works of fantasy we concluded that most of the fantasy races fit in quite well to a very Human historical equivalent. The rules are designed not only to reflect ancient battle as accurately as possible, but also to test your command and tactical thinking skils.

ALIENSTAR: A fast play, brilliant science-fiction role-play game. This is where it all began, all those years ago when the internet was in its infancy. Currently being prepared for publishing.

HISTORICON: A traditional fast play system for the historical player with the use of loads of dice. A shoutback to the good old days of yore. 


No, it certainly does not but we do. If you would like to contribute please contact us via the website. We are particularly after top quality artwork and photography. Please feel free to contribute rule mods, typo spotting, gaming experience, an army list or two. Anything you feel you would like to do. We can’t offer any form of renumeration, but will credit your work, respect your copyright and will be happy to link to your personal site. Neither do you have to sacrifice your life and limbs in the process.


This is a straight forward basic website. No cookies, no spyware, I don’t know in which country you are viewing this, Neither do I know your operating system, your browser or how many visitors view. This is the way it should be. Your privacy is guaranteed.


Although there is some humour and light heartedness we take our reasearch and development very seriously as we do our ethics. In my research, especially in the historical genre, I am well aware that warfare is a brutal and horrific affair, it should take place only on the tabletop. From an educational point of view, this hobby is an ideal opportunity to study and understand history and cultures very different from our own. It is only by learning about other peoples, their culture, their mores and history that barriers of prejudice and ignorance can be broken down and future conflict avoided.

From your safe, comfortable life, it is very easy to moralise actions undertaken in the theatre of, especially, modern warfare. You weren’t there, it wasn’t your life at risk, it wasn’t you that had to make those often awful decisions. The ethics of the past should not even be discussed.

I chose Lancaster intentionally. It is my second favourite aircraft (the first being the Stirling). It’s a beautiful aircraft. That such beauty can be responsible for flying deep into Germany through the barrage of flak, the freezing cold and the terror of a fiery death, and once there unleashed horror and destruction far below. That is what part of Lancaster Games is all about, to encourage looking beyond the tabletop and to understand the brutal horror of war and to realise that in the depths of war there is no morality and no ethics. 

I hope that doesn’t deter you from a hobby that is challenging, artistic, creative, stimulating and above all, educative. Happy gaming!

LICENCE AGREEMENT – The legal bit.

All of our games are fully copyrighted 1996 – 2023. Although our publications are without charge they are NOT in the public domain. We own the copyright and intellectual property rights of all material on the website and downloaded from it. Available in pdf format, our products are protected by national and international copyright and intellectual property rights laws. You may distribute our products in a number of ways including posting them to websites, CDs or DVDs. You may not sell, re-sell our products for any reward whatsoever in any shape or form or modify, re-compile, de-compile the publications or pdfs or reproduce them in any other format. We will take immediate legal action to protect our rights and will prosecute to the maximum extent possible in any legal or civil court. PLEASE respect our rights so we can continue to bring you more high quality games. Your respect in these matters is much appreciated. By downloading our products you agree with the licence agreement.